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April 07, 2009


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allison thomas/photo card creations

WE HAVE A WINNER OF OUR RECENT CONTEST - IT IS Kathryn Elsesser!! Kathryn is the lucky winner of a Coupon for 50 free cards. Thank you everyone for your comments!

Jackie Ward

Robert+Mary is my favorite - clean and classic.

katherine szarama

I appreciated the text with less frills, and thought the B+W photos were more eye-popping than the color photos. Did you think about doing photos with non-traditional color schemes? Not just pop-art, but really you could make the colors desaturated to give a unique look.

Kathy Cline

I love the Stephen Henry baby card. I would also love a daily blessing everyday card that you can always use to send a note.

Janna Coleman

I really like all of the selections in all of the categories. The layouts are wonderful. I like the simplicity. Clean and the photos really stand out. Can't wait to see the Senior cards coming in May.

Sonia - Mario Michele Studio

I love the thank you card with the two boys! It is a great use of space, vivid color, layout, and concept. They way you pulled the colors from the boys shirts to incorporate into the blocks is a wonderful idea! It is also a nice concept for a "boys thank you card" - not too frilly like a wedding thank you card. Love it!

Ottie Lynne

I like the Steven Henry baby card.... The important things stand out and dont have to compete for attention.

Diana Dunnell

I really like the "Steven Henry" card - the usage of font and footprints are really highlighted. The photograph is an excellent shot as well.

Michelle Dvorscak

My favorite is the boy's thank you card. I like being able to use two photographs on a card.

Nathan Simmons

I love the wedding images, but is there a way to change the background colors? I'd like the option if it were possible...

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